Sawmill Property Tax Appraisal

Sawmill Property Tax Appraisal Experts

At the Sawmill Appraisal Group, we conduct industry-specific appraisals for sawmills that can incorporate both real and personal property valuations.

  • Industry-based Depreciation Studies
  • Pretrial & Litigation Support Consulting

Industry-Specific Ad-Valorem Appraisal Solutions

Our industry focus on sawmills allows us to understand how to appraise integrated sawmill facilities, providing solutions to the unique property tax challenges in this highly specialized market segment.

Property Tax Asset Classes We Value:

  • Sawmill Real Estate
  • Sawmill Machinery and Equipment
  • Integrated Sawmill Facilities (inclusive of all tangible assets)
  • Intangible Assets & Business Enterprise Value
  • Licensed Vehicles & Rolling Stock

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The Sawmill Appraisal Group is the leading provider of sawmill appraisals providing integrated appraisal solutions for sawmills across the United States. Our team of sawmill appraisers are experts in the wood products industry. Our sawmill appraisal services include: asset-based lending sawmill appraisals, sawmill property tax appraisals, sawmill insurance appraisals and sawmill financial reporting appraisals. For more information, contact one of our senior sawmill appraisers at 916-273-9670 or click here contact us online.