Asset-Based Lending

Accurate & Reliable Asset-Based Lending Sawmill Appraisals

Here at the Sawmill Appraisal Group, we understand the sawmill industry because we are part of it. We recognize the importance of securing asset-based lending to help manage companies & banks across the US for a variety of financing needs including:

  • Growth Opportunities
  • Refinancing & Debt Consolidation
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Inventory & Production
  • Equipment & Machinery Purchases
  • Building Purchase or Expansion
  • Finance Special Projects

Asset Classes We Value

Asset-based lending sawmill appraisals can be used for a wide variety of business assets including:

  • Real Estate (including land)
  • Machinery & Equipment
  • Commercial Vehicles & Rolling Stock
  • Complete Facilities (including the Business Enterprise Value)
  • Log & Lumber Inventory


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The Sawmill Appraisal Group is the leading provider of sawmill appraisals providing integrated appraisal solutions for sawmills across the United States. Our team of sawmill appraisers are experts in the wood products industry. Our sawmill appraisal services include: asset-based lending sawmill appraisals, sawmill property tax appraisals, sawmill insurance appraisals and sawmill financial reporting appraisals. For more information, contact one of our senior sawmill appraisers at 916-273-9670 or click here contact us online.