Sawmill Insurance Appraisals

Sawmill Insurance Appraisals

From insurance premium savings to surviving catastrophic loss, sawmill insurance appraisals are essential tools for any mill’s risk management strategy. Sawmill Appraisal Group can assist you with:

  • Determining appropriate insurance coverage and limits for your sawmill
  • Accurate premium determination & allocation
  • Improved marketability to underwriters for policy renewal & rating factors
  • Reduce probability of unnecessarily denied claims

Risk Management Strategy

The sawmill industry has changed, and so too must your risk management strategy. There are a number of key questions that must be asked in order to adequately manage your mill’s insurance risk:

  • Do we have an accurate inventory of acquired and retired assets?
  • Have we acquired, divested, or expanded any of our facilities this year?
  • Have the correct cost trend values been applied each year?
  • Do we have enough coverage to re-build or replace at current standards?

Insurance Claim Valuation

When there are millions of dollars of insured property at risk, the insurance claim process can become very complicated. Both insurance companies and sawmill owners turn to us to assist with resolving insurance claim valuation in a fair and equitable way.


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