Financial Reporting

Accurate & Timely Financial Reporting Sawmill Appraisals

Our evolving economy and regulatory environment requires a sawmill’s management team to be able to make timely and educated financial decisions. The data supplied for your financial reporting sawmill appraisal must meet increasingly complex accounting standards while also providing the complete and accurate financial picture of your sawmilling operation.

Industry-Focused Integrated Analysis

The Sawmill Appraisal Group provides our clients in the wood products industry the peace of mind knowing that our appraisals are completely independent, meet the most stringent of auditing requirements, and are exceedingly thorough based upon our industry-focused model.

Specialized Experience & Qualifications

In addition to sawmill and wood products industry experience, our senior appraisers have extensive accounting and finance backgrounds that include MBAs and degrees in finance and taxation. This gives us the ability to properly value your sawmill’s real and personal property assets while presenting it in a useful format for both the management and audit teams.

Financial Reporting Sawmill Appraisal Solutions:

  • Purchase Price Allocation
  • Integrated Sawmill Facility Valuations
  • Asset Impairment
  • Fair Value Measurements
  • Fresh Start Accounting
  • Mark to Market Valuations

Asset Classes We Value:

  • Sawmill Real Estate
  • Sawmill Machinery and Equipment
  • Integrated Sawmill Facilities inclusive of all tangible assets
  • Sawmill Log & Lumber Inventory
  • Licensed Vehicles & Rolling Stock

Financial Reporting Appraisal Resources:

What Is Financial Reporting? Financial reporting is presenting financial data of a company’s operating performance, position and funds flow for an accounting period. Financial statements alongside related information/documents may be contained in various forms mainly for external party use such as in the annual report.  (source:

IFRS and FASB – What are Financial Reporting Standards?  – an article from discussing the accounting standards and standard setting bodies that affect Financial Reporting Appraisals.

The Sawmill Appraisal Group is the leading provider of sawmill appraisals providing integrated appraisal solutions for sawmills across the United States. Our team of sawmill appraisers are experts in the wood products industry. Our sawmill appraisal services include: asset-based lending sawmill appraisals, sawmill property tax appraisals, sawmill insurance appraisals and sawmill financial reporting appraisals. For more information, contact one of our senior sawmill appraisers at 916-273-9670 or click here contact us online.